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Pro-life training -- scott klusendorf

 Making The Case For Life On Hostile Turf - part 1 (38 minutes)

Just 3 questions!  We. Need. To. Know.

sanctity  of life videos  

More from Pro Life Doc:   3  videos on the sanctity of life

same theme, versions differ in length of video.  

Click the link below to see/access all 3 versions.

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Click the link above to find all 6 of the videos listed below.

 The first two are tastefully done but leave NO doubt as to the process and outcome.

1.  "Partial Birth Abortion":  A clear demonstration (using a manikin) 1 min 58 sec

2.  "First Trimester Abortion" - demonstration.  3 min 54 sec

3.  "See Life 2021" -- produced by Focus On The Family.  2 hours.  A wonderful film celebrating life.

4.  "When Fetal Surgery Is A Game Changer": 15 min

5. " Incredible Surgeries Illustrated: Fetal Surgery for Spina Bifida"   2 min 50 sec

6. "Heart Operation on 25-Week-Old Fetus In Utero"   7 min